Leave Me Be, Anxiety!

Here I sit, on a beautiful Sunday morning, outside on the floating ‘zen’ deck my husband helped me build.  The air is still cool.  The birds are singing lovely melodies.  The warmth of the sun peeking through the trees is warm on my face.  I am surrounded by the green leaves of trees in myContinue reading “Leave Me Be, Anxiety!”

Panic Disorder Sucks. But I Can Accept That.

It’s graduation day!  Panic disorder led me to a partial-hospitalization program.  Choosing to accept that I will have panic disorder forever led me to graduation.  Here’s how I got there: I am still learning to manage my bipolar disorder, and trust me, I am far from having it down.  But this time I’m off workContinue reading “Panic Disorder Sucks. But I Can Accept That.”