I have been living with mental illness for a long time…

and I’m finally ready to talk about it! I want to share my struggles, my failures, but most importantly how I work toward accepting my mental illness while maintaining an attitude of gratitude and hope. I want to share that hope with anyone working through their own mental health struggle! I hope this blog will build a community of people who want to end the stigma of mental illness. Let’s end the stigma together, one step at a time!

Please note:
  • Throughout my posts, I make reference to many skills I have learned through Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). Please note that I am not a DBT-trained therapist or expert. I am simply a person who has found great knowledge and power in using DBT skills.
  • Some posts may include triggering topics for some. I will do my best to provide warnings at the start of posts that may include especially triggering topics.
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